Client comments

J.R from Florida wrote:

"I go here (The Media Wellness Center at the time) for Dr. Fery. She's amazing, saved my life a few years ago and I wouldn't go to anyone else. Living in Miami, started having these incredible headaches that would deform my face, I've never had migraines so started by going to the dentist thinking it was a tooth. Went to a dentist, nose, ear & throat doctor, well, after all ended up in a neurologist wanting to operate my head to figure out what was wrong. I was spending over $5000 a month and was drugged out under Percocet, Lyrica, Maltex and other medications I don't remember or can even pronounce. The headaches never left. Moved to PA, went to see FERY my hero. This doctor took away all Meds with her treatment. She saved me. Till date there's been no more headaches, after all it was just a pinched nerve between my neck & shoulder. She helps w/any dislocation, high blood pressure, arthritis & so much more, she's highly recommended."

Dawn wrote:

“I've been going to massage therapists and chiropractors for about 10
years, and they haven't helped me as much as Fery has in just 3 days! I
feel great, no more headaches! My husband is a little scared of me, he
thinks I'm a different person!”

Dianne wrote:

"I've been seeing Fery for so long...about 20 years now! I see her fairly
regularly, about once a month, for treatment of all kinds of pain: back,
neck, headaches, anything... and she works her magic!"

Stan wrote:

"Fery's sensitive hands have kept me going along for a lot of years now (over 25)...there have been many different reasons to need some adjustment over all that time."

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